Aperture of the larynx

Aperture of the larynxAPERTURE of the LARYNX connective tissue membrane in the larynx. The reason is the formation of scar tissue as a result of long wearing endotracheal or tracheotomies tube, the inflammatory process (handoperated larynx), scleroma, rare congenital anomaly. Symptoms, course depend on the size of the diaphragm; its substantial size marked shortness of breath, especially during exercise, hoarseness, with a small aperture complaints may be missing. Upon examination of the larynx is visible membrane in the area of the glottis or in podskladochny space. Treatment. The extension of the lumen of the larynx using bugei or bronchoscopic tube. If no effect is endo - or extralaryngeal (via laryngofissure) excision of the diaphragm..

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