Russian genetics crossed plant with animals

Russian genetics crossed plant with animalsNovosibirsk genetics together with their colleagues from the Institute of clinical immunology and Institute of chemical biology has created a plant that contains human genes. Cytokine well known in medicine as a reliable means of enhancing immunity. However, it is very expensive. The fact that the cytokine is produced from animals, so his production has always required a considerable cost. To eliminate the embarrassing inconvenience come from genetics, Novosibirsk, who for two years conducted a complex transplant desired human gene into the plant life form. The result of this work created a new transgenic plant, which is now showing steady signs of accumulation in itself miraculous amplifier immunity. According to the Director of the Novosibirsk Institute of Cytology and genetics, Vladimir Noisy, the first results of tests on mice showed that experienced transgenic plants has really turned into a factory for the production of the cytokine. This means that the idea of creating a protein drug plant-based has ceased to be fiction. Solvay Pharma.Ru.

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