Leading manufacturer of handkerchiefs embarked on prevention of ARVI

Leading manufacturer of handkerchiefs embarked on prevention of ARVIThe American company Kimberly-Clark Corp. said Wednesday that launches anti-viral tissues Kleenex. The company intends to position a new product, as a means of prevention of colds. Now Kimberly-Clark and its competitors already produce antibacterial wipes, but antiviral product appears on the market first. As stated by the Manager of the brand Kleenex Steve ERB, "the consumer will immediately understand the benefits of the new scarves", as it has already done the testing participants. These shawls first need Protogenes people, according to Kimberly-Clark. According to the manufacturer, the fabric inhibits or kills 99% of viruses that spread by coughing or sneezing. "With the help of scarves can not cure a cold or the flu, said ERB. However, we hope to reduce the number of new infections". Production of antiviral scarves will begin in a month, and in American stores they will be available around October. Scarves will consist of three layers of fabric, the average of which is impregnated with the antiviral drugs. This product has already received a patent and everything needed for a production permit. Associated Press (Russian text Mednovosti.Ru).

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