MesotheliomaA malignant tumor arising in the pleura or the peritoneum. Observed in clinical practice is relatively rare. The risk of disease is higher in patients with asbestosis. The clinical symptoms are not specific. Pleural mesothelioma - pain in the chest, shortness of breath, cough, accumulation of exudate in the pleural cavity, when mesothelioma abdomen - pain in the abdomen, weight loss, determined by palpable abdominal tumor, ascites. In addition to various non-neoplastic diseases, differential diagnosis spend with metastasis to the pleura and peritoneum tumors of different localization. In the exudate obtained from the pleural or abdominal cavity, are malignant mesothelial cells (in 50% of cases). However, the diagnosis of mesothelioma is set only when the biopsy, produced during thoraco - laparoscopic, or percutaneous needle biopsy. Endoscopic examination allows you to see multiple small nodule on the pleura and the peritoneum. In some cases determined by tumor site of the big sizes (diffuse or diffuse-nodular form). Spreads mesothelioma locally, rarely detect metastases in the liver, lungs and other organs. Treatment. Surgical treatment is only useful if you have a large tumor sites, aimed at reducing the tumor mass. When small tumor metastasis apply intraoral introduction of radioactive colloidal gold. Palliative treatment is also have radiation therapy to the area location neudalimye tumor formation and chemotherapy, in which the cavity is administered thiotepa (30-40 mg 1 time per week), adriamycin (50 mg/m2/1 every 3 weeks), cisplatin (100 mg/m2/1 every 3 weeks) or both drugs at the same time. Comments on this article yet. Be the first one! Write a comment.

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