How to deal with medical errors? version of the US Congress

How to deal with medical errors? version of the US CongressIn the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress debated the bill on the system of voluntary notification about medical errors. Its adoption involves the creation of a network of public and private organizations, which will analyze information on medical errors, to determine their causes and to offer recommendations for their reduction. While lawmakers hope that all necessary information will be provided to physicians on a voluntary basis (of course, while maintaining privacy and guarantees that this information will not end up in court). According to one of the creators of the document, Michael Bilirakis, the bill will move from the question 'who is to blame?' to the question 'how to avoid it in the future?' and will contribute to the reduction of medical errors. By the way, the last number in the U.S. is approaching 1 million cases per year and causes the deaths of more than 98 thousand patients. Just last month, the medical community has witnessed the tragic death of 17-year-old Jessica Santillan, which, as the result of medical errors were transplanted incompatible donor organs. (Newspaper "Medical Gazette").

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