New achievements Moscow oncologists

New achievements Moscow oncologistsMoscow oncologists at the ongoing conference on Oncology, presented the latest developments in the field of photodynamic therapy. New drugs that are much more effective than imported counterparts, has produced encouraging results. Achievements of the Russian doctors are already interested in American colleagues. Cancer is not a sentence, do not cease to repeat the doctors. There is only one danger - do not make it. Incurable disease is just undiagnosed. George Vorozhtsov, head of the Oncology program Moscow: "The most important thing is for a monitor, in my opinion. Any deviation from pimples smallest to other disabilities, already noticeable to the eye. In all cases it is necessary to address to doctors. It is advisable to a good oncologists". In modern domestic medicine now has methods that allow you not only to diagnose cancer at an early stage, but to completely cure it. The last word of science - photodynamic therapy. Special drug, photosense, accumulates in cancer cells, and then when exposed to the laser destroys them. In recent years invented another drug, alloces. All development, after they were rejected by the Federal government finances Moscow. Yuri Luzhkov, mayor of Moscow: "I have always said that science is the best thing. Not even completed in different stages. All those developments made in the framework of this program, at a total cost of approximately $ 30 million, give the $ 20 million per year.".

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