HIV again attacked sexual minorities

HIV again attacked sexual minoritiesAmerican doctors say again about the rising incidence of HIV/AIDS among homosexuals and bisexuals, which the statistics record for the third year in a row. However, the incidence has remained stable in other traditional risk groups, for example, some parts of the African-American population. These data seriously concern to many professionals. As noted by the experts of the Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) in General in the past year, the number of diagnosed cases increased by 2.2% and reached 42136 cases. Among people practicing same-sex sex, growth was 7.1 percent. These data were heard on Monday at the National conference on control and prevention in Atlanta. Scientists have made a reservation that the data may not reflect the situation throughout the country, as it does not take into account the statistics in new York, California and other States with traditional high incidence. Data are presented only in 25 States. In addition, changes can be due to the fact that more and more men undergo tests for HIV infection. It is noted that in the present analysis is not possible to tell when one has an infection, so a newly diagnosed case may not be new. However, in the coming months at the CDC are going to introduce a new system for tracking HIV, when the analysis was to talk about whether there was penetration of the virus into the body in the last six months. At the same time, some experts warn that new data may reflect soothing for some people to HIV/AIDS, as well as the tendency of certain risk groups, such as young gay men and bisexuals to more reckless and risky behavior. Since 1999, the incidence in this group increased by 17.7 percent. In addition, the data can say that the success of antiviral drugs, which was noted in the 90s, reached a plateau where further dramatic impact on the incidence becomes impossible. This opinion was expressed by Dr. Ron Valdiserri (Ron Valdiserri, Deputy Director of the Center for the prevention of AIDS, STDs, and TB in the composition of the CDC..

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