Depression comes to stay forever

Depression comes to stay foreverDepression comes to stay forever Even those patients who were able to overcome depression, can not boast of having got rid of her once and for all. When scanning the brain of former patients of psychotherapists, it appears that some changes in those areas of the brain responsible for emotions and negative memories for a long time retain some residual symptoms experienced stress. Moreover, they reflected not only in other emotional experiences that have such people, but also at the level of physiology, namely at the level of modification of certain structures of the human brain. These are the conclusions of scientists from the research center of the University of Texas, comparing and investigating image subhanallah of cingulate and middle frontal cortex (areas that are directly related to stress) several dozens of patients and volunteers who participated in this experiment. According to the researchers, the findings will allow them to develop a more accurate test system for the detection of depression, as well as methods of treatment of mental disorders such. Source: РњIGNews.

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