facilities there will Be a meeting on the issues of additional medicines

facilities there will Be a meeting on the issues of additional medicinesDecember 21 will be a meeting of "the Social role of program additional provision in increasing access to health services". The session provides a description of the key stages of the programme programme and analysis of the current situation, its resources and prospects of development in the sphere of ensuring patients with chronic diseases. Special attention will be paid to the issues of prevention, diagnosis and preferential provision of medicines in patients with chronic lung diseases, as one of the most numerous groups in need of effective modern treatment. Supplementary drug coverage (DLO) provides opportunities for the implementation of priority directions of social policy in the health sector. First of all it concerns the alignment of geographical differences and ensure access of vulnerable groups to quality health care regardless of region of the Russian Federation. According to the results of Program implementation programme-2005 from the budget in 51 billion on medicines developed 30 billion rubles (as of November 2005). To date, the list of discounted medicines includes more than 3000 trade names, including costly innovative and highly effective medications. However, in accordance with the received data, the physicians under the programme issued not more than 800 items, not most of the new drugs. Thus, opportunities for physicians and patients that provides a new Program, used only by 30-40 percent. Mednovosti.ru.

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