Dangerous Chinese pneumonia apply to the aircraft

Dangerous Chinese pneumonia apply to the aircraftMore than half of the passengers flying flying from new York to Singapore on Saturday were removed from a flight at Frankfurt airport, Reuters reported. The authorities of the state of Hesse (Hesse), which is Frankfurt, fear of the spread of dangerous respiratory disease, the first cases were registered in February in southern China. In this regard, one of the passengers, who was diagnosed with the symptoms of this disease, is placed in the insulator, and 155 people forced to stay in Frankfurt to quarantine. New cases of the disease, with clinical picture of pneumonia, continue to be logged around the world. Nine people, including citizens of Canada and the US have died from this disease. The passenger is placed in the insulator - Singapore doctor who before visiting the United States was treated patients with this respiratory infection. On Saturday, the world health organization made the first over the last 10 years, the international warning about the dangers of travel. The doctors still have not identified the causative agent of SARS. The Chinese physicians assumption that the pathogen is chlamydia, not confirmed yet. World health organization urges governments to limit the travel of its citizens. Who strongly recommends that the employees of the airlines and the passengers to consult the doctors when you see the first symptoms: cough, fever, breathing difficulties to themselves or others. Mednovosti.ru.

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