The concept of qi

The concept of qiOver the past twenty years, the Chinese concept of qi gradually penetrated into the Western world and has gained recognition in modern medicine. Today it is believed that qi is the bioelectricity circulating in the body. Only in these twenty years in science began to emerge direction associated with the study of bioelectricity. Given the growing interest in this field of knowledge, but also to the Chinese culture, this direction is likely to flourish in the next twenty years. The most obvious signs of this are widespread acupuncture, as well as the growing popularity of qigong and tai Chi Chuan. Interestingly, the main reason of the popularity of tai Chi Chuan is not a combat and Wellness potential. Being a martial art, tai Chi Chuan provides a high degree of physical relaxation, balance, and peace of mind. Most importantly, it improves the internal circulation of qi, promoting health and get rid of many diseases. Unlike other "internal" martial styles such as styles, Bagua and liuhebafa, in the initial training Taijiquan use of physical force is minimized. This makes it accessible for all ages. My personal experience as a coach suggests that among beginners in tai large percentage of sick or elderly people. In China, tai Chi is especially known as a means of prevention and even treatment of diseases of the stomach, lung, heart, kidney, hypertension, arthritis, mental disorders and many other diseases. Understanding the principles of the practice of qigong and tai Chi, you will understand how all this is possible. Besides the fact that tai Chi Chuan can relax the body and calm the mind, thanks to him, you will also be able to achieve a deep understanding of life and nature. Tai Chi will give you the way the energy of nature. This is the path to both physical and mental, or spiritual health. After passing it, you will no longer worry and doubt about the meaning of life. Complexes of qigong used in tai Chi Chuan is a simple exercise that allows you to feel your qi and closer to understanding interaction with it. They are designed not just to improve the circulation of qi, but also to prepare for combat or Wellness practice tai Chi Chuan. In fact, tai Chi Chi kung is a little different from tai Chi Chuan. All the practical requirements they are the same; the only difference is that form of qigong is much easier than the movements of tai Chi Chuan. The simple form allows you to better focus on the inner feeling of your body. Some forms of Chi kung complexes are essentially simplified movements complexes tai Chi Chuan. There are many different styles of tai Chi Chuan, and each of them has their own complexes qigong. Introduction qigong is a science about energy and its motion in the universe is one of the most valuable contributions of China to the world culture. The study of qi enabled to understand the nature of the equilibrium of the forces of Yin and Yang in the Universe. The result was formulated the idea of the Tao (the natural way), which became the cornerstone of Chinese philosophy. The concept of Tao is distributed not only on nature but also on the person. According to the Chinese, the study of the Tao gives an opportunity to strengthen health or even extend the term of human life. This idea lies at the basis of Chinese medicine. Chinese doctors studied the circulation of qi in the body, which led to the emergence of qigong. According to Chinese medical theory, the energy body, or the body qi is Yin, and the physical body is Yang. Qi cannot be seen but can be felt. Yin in the body is associated with thinking, soul, and spirit, and askoe with implementation of the adopted Yin solutions. These parts cannot exist without each other; that life is not extinguished, they must be balanced and coordinated with each other. Qi is the source of life, and the actions of the physical body - its manifestations. When Yin strong manifestations of Yang will also be strong; when Yin weak or too strong, the balance of Yin and Yang can be broken, which will lead to the development of the disease. Therefore, the main problem in Chinese medicine and qigong is to maintain a balance of Yin and Yang in the body. Historical documents indicate that, although the existence of qi was found in many other cultures, none of them haven't studied it as deep as in Chinese. Only in the last twenty years, the Western world began to accept the concept of qi, comparing it with bioelectricity circulating in the human body. Western medicine is gradually coming to an understanding that it is a violation of the circulation of qi, or bioelectricity, is one of the main causes of physical and mental illness. Now many doctors in the West instruct patients to acupuncture as an alternative method of treatment of diseases which cannot be effectively treated with traditional Western methods. Some doctors even recommend classes qigong or tai Chi as a means to regulate blood pressure. Practicing qigong, you should be aware of its historical basis. Knowledge and understanding of the ways of its development will help you avoid mistakes, someone once already committed. It will also help you to develop respectful and interested attitude to this art that is essential for success in the classroom..

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