free sale tests for home diagnosis of diseases

free sale tests for home diagnosis of diseasesSeveral companies in the USA and the UK, along, prepared to release the free sale of special sets of tests for the diagnosis of various diseases outside of the hospital. These kits contain tests for HIV, chlamydia, anemia, lactose intolerance, and some other, no less important diseases and conditions. According to the leaders of the project the developed technology allows to carry out tests and a preliminary diagnosis outside the laboratory, directly in the pharmacy, doctor's office or at home. The ease of use and low, thanks to mass production, the cost of the sets (8 - 12 pounds or 12 to $ 20), combined with the precision and speed of obtaining results that proves the great potential of the product to improve the diagnosis. These sets will be in demand not only population, but also the military, emergency services, and also be applied in developing countries.

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