Scientists intend to deprive women of menopause

Scientists intend to deprive women of menopauseAmerican researchers have discovered a new mechanism of formation of egg cells in women. For several decades, it is believed that all the eggs appear in women before birth, and their reserves are not replenished. However, in the study of Americans found a special stem cells that can produce new eggs throughout their life. Thanks to this discovery, the researchers hope to affect the activity of such cells and significantly increase reproductive age women. The study leader Jonathan Tilly (Jonathan Tilly) I am sure that, if the discovery is confirmed, you will need to rewrite all the classic textbooks on reproductive biology. However, other researchers do not SPERATI to share the optimism Tilly. As noted by one of the experts in this field, Professor Roger Gosden (Roger Gosden), "reproductive properties differ significantly in animals of different species. And patterns that Tilly and his colleagues found in mice, may not be valid in respect of the person. The Daily Telegraph (translation

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