Robbie Williams happy pills" rescue from depression

Robbie Williams happy pillsRobbie Williams: happy pills" rescue from depression Robbie Williams made a sensational statement saying the other day that is treated for depression. 28-year-old singer admitted that already for a long time 'sits' on the antidepressants, which are known as 'the pill of happiness'. Despite the dizzying success and signing multi-million dollar deals with record companies, the singer feel more depressed than. According to Robbie, that 'the pill of happiness' helped him to find a common language with his father Pete Conveyed. 'People think that if you are depressed, it can only be about. For me it is not covered. I just feel terrible! It's not in my family or work, it's because of me and my illness called depression. I dream one day to Wake up and forget that I need antidepressants and special treatment!' Robbie also admitted that after reconciliation with the father, feels much better. 'The fact that next to me is my father helps me with my health!' A few days before the release of his new album Escapology, Mr. Williams admitted to reporters that he considers his current girl-friend Rachel hunter is the most amazing girl on Earth. Singer regrets that a few years ago, his then-girlfriend Nicole Appleton had to have an abortion. 'Now I understand why she decided on an abortion. I feel sorry for this unborn baby, which now would be for 3 years, and Nicole. But in that moment with her was a complete idiot who didn't understand the seriousness of what is happening!' (The Sun) Source: ROL.

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