What to do if your child is frequently ill?

What to do if your child is frequently ill?What to do if your child is frequently ill? Among the diseases that primarily affects children, in the first place - colds and flu, on the second-baby infection, the third - ENT disease (otitis, rhinitis, sinusitis). Most sickly among children during the first three years of life. What could be the reason for such a frequent disease in a child? If your child doesn't get out from colds, starts sneezing and coughing from the slightest exposure to cold, check first of all whether he foci of chronic infection in the nasopharynx. Pain rhinitis, pharyngitis, constantly enlarged tonsils with purulent congestion is slowly smoldering infection that lead to chronic intoxication. Toxic substances weaken the child's immune system and prevent it from effectively resisting the disease. If your child is diagnosed with encephalopathy", if he suffered birth trauma, suffering from neuropsychiatric disorders, it is not surprising that he is often sick, he disrupted the interaction between different brain structures that affect metabolism, blood clotting, the production of immune antibodies. The most frequent cause of impaired activity of the brain - its hypoxia, i.e. lack of oxygen. On the background of hypoxia and have impaired circulation in the brain, which lead to swelling and internal bleeding that leads to secondary, that is acquired during the life of the immunodeficiency. When the child is frequently ill, you should check how it works the endocrine system. Now the children are frequent disorders of the endocrine system, the most common of them is the increase of the thymus gland, it produces T-lymphocytes, which play a major role in protecting the body from infections. If the thymus gland is not working properly, the body vulnerable to infections and children endlessly suffer from ARD. The same happens if the child produced insufficient immunoglobulin A. This violation can be suspected if to constant colds in babies added and pustular skin lesions, suppurative diseases of the mucous membranes, primarily conductive eyes, and various allergic disorders: asthmatic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis, an intolerance to a particular food. If a child suffers from frequent infections, it may be a lymph system. Children of simpatico" enlarged lymph nodes, adenoids grow in the nasopharynx, which leads to endless sinusitis, purulent the rhinopharyngitis, enlarged tonsils, chronic tonsillitis. Typically, these children have and allergic complications. If the child has skin lesions in the form of "dirty elbows and knees, the skin on these areas of dark and scaly, which indicates that the breach of the production of corticosteroid hormones. Often such children are chronic bowel disease: enterocolitis, intestinal dysbiosis, helminthic infections, giardiasis. When the child has frequent acute and chronic diseases caused by bacterial infections, sometimes "guilty" of metabolism. This leads to infections mochevydelitelnoj systems that occur on the background of metabolic salts in the body. Kids can suffer from cystitis, urine they may have an increased salt content, especially oxalates. The reason for the frequent illnesses of the child can be constant stresses, as well as some serious mental trauma: for example, family discord, sending in kindergarten, moving to the grandmother. Sometimes the child begins to get sick often because too caring parents simply "healed", for example, abused hormones or antibiotics in the treatment of any disease. Needless to say, that if the child was born or living in ecologically unfavorable conditions, it may cause as a primary immunodeficiency associated with genetic damage", or secondary, due to the influence of harmful substances in its system of protection against diseases. About the health of the baby is better to care before birth. In order to minimize the risk of giving birth to a sick child, you need to remember that a baby's health is directly affected by the conditions in which were his mother during pregnancy: the ecology of the area in which she lived, and the conditions of its work. It is best to take care of the health of their baby and for some time prior to a planned pregnancy to part with the work, if it is necessary to contact with heavy metals, especially lead, paints and solvents, if You are working with devices emitting strong electromagnetic fields. What else can you advise parents? Before planning a child's couple preferably be examined by an andrologist and gynecologist. - Planning pregnancy, expectant mother should treat all of their chronic disease; cure teeth. If You have enlarged tonsils or You are suffering from adenoids, it is best to remove them. - During pregnancy, the need to protect the woman from the stress, contact with sick people, unfavourable production conditions. English physicians of London hospital Queen Charlotte found that the stress transferred by the woman during pregnancy, reduces the blood flow through the placenta and lead to weight loss and reduced fetal growth. - After the baby is born, try as much as possible to breast-feed, without special reasons, do not put the baby on formula feed. Don't listen to friends and acquaintances, telling You about the miraculous adapted mixtures, the composition does not differ from the milk. You can create a mixture containing the same components as breast milk, but no one has yet learned how to add those immune substances that come to the child from the mother's body. Doctors know that if in the first months after the birth of a child is deprived of breast milk, that in an organism there is a lack of a very important part of the immune system - the so-called factions complement, which is secreted by the mammary gland of the mother. The removal of the child on artificial feeding before he turns four months old, deprives the baby of maternal immunoglobulins and protective substances produced by the immune system. So do not forget: the child too early weaned, direct candidate in the group of sickly children. - Try not to "run" the disease of the baby, do not dispose of treatment in half, do not use unproven methods of treatment and advice of friends, contact the specialists. Regularly give the child vitamins, hardened him accustom to a healthy lifestyle. Source:.

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