one Third of Russian children are born outside marriage

one Third of Russian children are born outside marriageAbout a third of all children are born outside registered, official marriages. On Thursday the Minister said Russia on matters of national policy Vladimir Zorin. According to the latest data held in the end of last year the census, 28.3 per cent of babies born in Russia, live in the so-called "civil marriage". Speaking of the census, Zorin said that this was the intention of the staff to identify the "true family and social structure of the population, which is confirmed by the "not official documents and the opinion of citizens themselves. In particular, the Minister said, for the first time in the census citizens had the opportunity to "self-identifying themselves by nationality". In the end, if in 1989 in Russia was officially registered 126 peoples, now 170 peoples, including 25 ethnic and sub-ethnic groups. Moreover, according to the Minister, the current census recorded 880 "self-designations," those social or national groups to which they were attributed by the respondents. Zorin also noted that the first census in Russia will identify and relatively new processes occurring in the country. Speech, in particular, is about such categories as economic activity of the population, adaptation to market conditions, the migratory activity and other indicators, "great scientific interest". The next stage of the publication of the results of the national census, as reported by Zorin, preparing to 30 September. These options will relate to the age characteristics of the population, sex ratio, livelihoods of citizens, the number of Russians now living outside of Russia and others. And the final results will be announced on December 30 of this year. The Interfax news Agency..

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