Veliky Novgorod unknown intestinal infection

Veliky Novgorod unknown intestinal infectionIn Veliky Novgorod epidemiologists revealed acute intestinal infection is not yet established etiology. This was reported in the Novgorod center of state sanitary and epidemiological supervision (MCSEs). In January of this year, epidemiologists have identified 102 cases of intestinal infectious diseases, the exact cause of which is unclear. Severe cases it is not fixed yet, but some of the townspeople have required hospitalization, explained in the centre. The greatest increase in incidence observed among children under three years of age. Data conducted by epidemiologists studies have suggested that diseases are viral in nature. In some cases, doctors are able to select the antigen of rotavirus. To prevent mass distribution of intestinal infections viral nature of the chief sanitary doctor of Novgorod the Great Leonid Petrov had issued a decree, according to which the city health organization are required to strengthen laboratory diagnosis of intestinal infections with compulsory virologic studies. RIA "Novosti"".

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