Worse for the "mouse" of the beast no

Worse for the Worse for the "mouse" of the beast no *59r*it is well Known that people who are constantly typing on a mechanical typewriter, developing joint disease. Electric typewriter, with its almost weightless keyboard, removed this problem. It seemed that this security has taken over the computer. And suddenly... Electronic "mouse" (control computer), as it turned out, can hurt "biting": first seem shiver run through his hand, then his arm to the elbow permeates sharp pain, then the hand goes numb. Describe the symptoms of "mouse bite" patients Dr. Emile Pascarelli from Columbia University (USA). New computer the disease has already received a name: Repetitive Strain Injury (chronic stretching of the tendon traumatic nature), abbreviated as RSI. According to American studies, new computer the disease spreads with catastrophic speed and affects mainly those users who deal with computer graphics. They have almost a thousand times a day to produce repetitive fine movements of the hand to press on the mouse, while the brush of a person to such a load absolutely not adapted. "I tell my patients that they are real computer athletes," says Berger Pascarelli, yet rare specialist injury RSI. In his opinion, a new disease can be considered an industrial injury. Council Dr. Pascarelli: if You work with a "mouse" appear any pain, seek medical attention immediately. World medicine has developed a special gymnastic exercises for fingers, hand and whole arm. Obviously, while Russia did not reach these latest therapeutic exercises, you need to use your own, though not specifically for computer geeks developed, however, very effective in relieving stress and fatigue..

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