Capital children are injured more often than other

Capital children are injured more often than otherIn Moscow, the highest in the country, the rate of injuries. This was announced today by the acting head of the 20-th Moscow trauma clinic Razmik Kesiman. Annually in the emergency room of the capital are about 50 thousand children, of which 4 thousand - hospitalized, said Kesiman. "In 90% of cases to blame the adults," says the doctor. Most injuries occur on roads. According to statistics, every year in the capital in a traffic accident killed up to 200 young pedestrians from the main age group of risk - 7-14 years. About 700 children a year come into the clinic with the criminal injuries caused by violence parents, RIA "Novosti". All this, in the opinion of Kesiman, "is because in Moscow, nothing is done to prevent child injury. He believes that it is necessary to create a unified information field for educational institutions, road patrol services, rescue, ambulance, psychologists and, of course, the parents, to develop a clear mechanism for the prevention of traumatic cases and the provision of skilled care. "It may be appropriate computer games, magazines, seminars in health centers and summer camps, said the doctor. And, of course, drivers, nannies in kindergartens, teachers should be able to provide first aid to an injured child."".

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