Silicone is returned, for how long?

Silicone is returned, for how long?Silicone is returned, for how long? The hype around silicone continues. This time the silicone, are prohibited from use in 1992 due to the large number of complications, completely rehabilitated. It happened at the Congress of representatives of aesthetic surgery held in new York at the Hilton hotel. A bit of history. The silicone was banned in 1992. The reason for this was the cases of brain tumor development and lung cancer as a result of rupture of a silicone implant. Dow Corning Corp., which was at that time leader in silicone, went bankrupt. But very soon was allowed to use silicone in reconstructive surgery after surgery for breast cancer, traumatic injuries of the chest and birth defects breast forms. In 1999, the national Institute of Medicine conducted a number of studies and announced that the silicone may not cause disturbances in the immune system and inflammation of the joints, as previously thought. The main negative point was named the risk of rupture with subsequent formation of adhesions. In addition, the silicone can leak through the membrane and cause suppuration. In addition, the silicone implant can form a capsule around itself, so that the chest is deformed. Many women protested against a ban of silicone, explaining that silicone implants perfectly formed Breasts and make it naturally soft. This was probably due to the fact that women were forced to switch to the only possible and allowed sulinowie implants. About 200 thousand women introduced themselves this type of implant in 2000. Sulinowie implants differ from silicone so that their content is Sol. When you break the salt is absorbed by the body, which is absolutely safe. On the other hand, sulinowie implants look less aesthetically pleasing, formation of wrinkles on the skin of the breast, loss of form. In this respect, the silicone has beaten all records - it is very stable, and the shape of the breast remains the original. This year will resume operation with the introduction of silicone implants under the code name of the Style 410, which is recognized as the most harmless. Its stable gel structure makes the consequences of the transaction is the most favorable, risk of explosions, promotioni and adhesions in this case is greatly reduced. The gel has been tested and fully approved by the FDA. The main producers of the gel at the moment are McGhan and Mentor Corp., reports MSNBC Health..

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