Fish (-)

Fish (-)Fish (19.02.-21.03.) *84r*Appropriate sign organs and systems Physically strong this sign cannot be called. Fish are responsible for excretory functions, in particular the lymphatic system, which helps the body to rid of waste products of metabolism, viruses, bacteria, toxic substances. After emotional stress, physical fatigue in this system fails. As a consequence of the contamination of the body with toxins, can be typical for Fish skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis) and neurological disorders (insomnia, obsessions, phobias). Very frequent in Fish difficult to diagnose SOS the state, manifested by weakness, lethargy, loss of emotional perception of life. This is the result of a breach of "fish" energies, zashlakovannost body. The sorest place Fish stops. The ankle joints and the joints of the foot. The glandular tissue. Glands of internal secretion. Endocrine system: the pineal gland and the thyroid gland. Blood plasma endorphins and lymphatic system. Central nervous system: brain (subcortical layer). Autonomic nervous system: parasympathetic. Somatic nervous system: sensory (extrasensory perception). The humoral system. The psyche. Chakra Death shutter. Predisposition to pathological States Violations of lymph flow after emotional stress, physical fatigue, which complicates the removal of waste products of metabolism, viruses, bacteria, toxic substances. The contamination of the body with toxins that provokes skin diseases (eczema, fungal infection, psoriasis) and neurological disorders (insomnia, obsessions and phobias), weakness, lethargy, decreased emotional perception of life. Vulnerability, vulnerability, susceptibility, Susceptibility to allergies. Hypersensitivity and painful addiction to drugs (sedatives, hypnotics), alcohol, drugs, toxic substances, Smoking. Possible dangerous poisoning, edema, dropsy, stagnation, liver cirrhosis. Most likely diseases of the endocrine system and stop (tumors, warts, calluses, foot deformity, flat). Disorders blood and the cleansing of the liver, which leads to zashlakovyvaniya entire body. Anemic condition, circulatory disorders of the legs and feet, leading to spasms and cramping toes (mostly walking), high sensitivity to moisture and the cooling stop, painful corns. Colds and infectious diseases. Nervous and mental disorders. Neuralgia, neurasthenia, neurosis and psychopathy, prostitution. Anemia, hallucinations and insomnia. Mental instability (a dramatization of events, hysteria). Psychological characteristics People of this sign tend to be everyday excessive anxiety and worry. Highly visible may be daydreaming, kindness, indifference to surroundings, sarcasticness, irritability and artistry. Manual exposure When manual therapy should be avoided harsh criticism, not to provoke any other disease. In the days when transit Moon is in the sign of Pisces is better to abandon manipulations in these areas or to carry out the procedure in the "hour of Venus". The main ruler Neptune makes the Fish very vulnerable, vulnerable, sensitive, allergic. Typical hypersensitivity and painful addiction to drugs (sedatives, hypnotics), alcohol, drugs, toxic substances, Smoking. Can be dangerous poisoning or accidents in the water or with water (burns liquids). So with Neptune associated edema, dropsy, stagnant processes, alcoholism, drug addiction, toxicomania. Most likely diseases of the endocrine system and stop (tumors, warts, calluses, foot deformity). Second ruler Jupiter gives breach of hematopoietic liver suffers the cleansing function of the liver and blood, in the blood accumulates large quantities of toxins. Can develop diseases associated with alcoholism (cirrhosis of the liver, for example), drug addiction, drug abuse. The tendency to flat feet. Akaltara Venus has a great chance of skin diseases (eczema, fungal), hypersensitivity to the defeat of the stop. Mercury in exile and the fall - gives a tendency to anemic conditions, poor circulation of the lower leg to the foot, resulting in spasms I cramp the toes, often while walking, increased sensitivity to moisture I the cooling of the feet, painful masala. If the Fish turned out to be: The sun - this means initially weak vitality, increased susceptibility to infections, residues of blood and lymph and related Pato-logical status. Luna will definitely show itself depending on the phase of the moon at birth. Make susceptible to infectious diseases, any purulent process can lead to blood infection. Characterized by all kinds of foot problems: deformation, expansion of bone, exostosis, growths, blisters, excessive sweating, curving fingers, swelling of the feet, flat feet. Mars leads to traumatic injuries of the feet, deformities, congenital deformities and defects, inflammatory processes in the field stop.

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