Tan saves from psychiatrists

Tan saves from psychiatristsScientists have discovered why the ultraviolet light causes the fans to sunshine, a pleasant feeling of relaxation, for which they neglect the risk of skin cancer. They argue that solar tubs relieve stress and can even replace a visit to a psychiatrist. The condition that there is a biological explanation. They conducted experiments in which a group of people turn sunbathed with identical cubicles for sunbathing, but one stall radiated ultraviolet light, and others are not. After interviewing the subjects, it was found that they felt more relaxed after visiting booths with ultraviolet light. Then, the experimenters decided to investigate the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the human body and found that when the ultraviolet irradiation of the skin cells secrete endorphins - hormones of happiness". The scientists believe their discovery explains why, tanned people continue to "cook" the sun and go tanning, despite the danger of getting cancer of the skin. РњIGnews.Ua.

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