Rat-addicts lose their sense of time

Rat-addicts lose their sense of timeHemp makes rats to lose the sense of time, revealed a new study. "Drunk" rodents lose their ability to distinguish short periods of time from long. This discovery, made by Jonathan Crystals from the University of Georgia, confirms once again that fans of the "weed" from the number of people less suited to perform tasks requiring concentration. The ability of cannabis to influence the perception of time by people known. Addicts often talk about the fact that when the Smoking time is moving unusually slowly. A group of Crystal taught rats to distinguish between two - and vosmiskorostnye sounds. Before animals were two buttons, one of which, depending on the duration of the sound you had to push. Correct answers rats were given a treat. Then the rats lost sound average length v which they with equal probability took over long and short. After that rodents given artificial cannabinoid v one of the active ingredients of marijuana. Then the rats began to make more errors v for example to make sounds that are close to the longest, for short. Scientists believe that the inaccuracy of rats due to inability to concentrate, and not the inability to judge time v "they need to focus, and if they can't do it, you lose the perception of time". [NTR].

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