Stiffness proved Englishmen to sexual crisis

Stiffness proved Englishmen to sexual crisisAccording to the newspaper "Daily Telegraph", the Parliament stated that the health of Britain marked a crisis situation due to the inability of the government for many years to deal with sexually transmitted diseases. A cross-party House of Commons standing Committee on health in its report notes that it "scares the crisis in sexual health". Members emphasize: "We don't throw the word "crisis", in this case it is appropriate". Parliamentarians, laying the blame for the situation on the lack of political will, the failure of health authorities to understand the scale of the problem and the lack of money, declare that sexual health should be a priority. In particular, they recommend to immediately enact a national program to identify chlamydia is a disease that causes infertility, which infected 10 percent of the sexually active population. Screening of large groups of people for early detection of the disease. - Approx. Inopressa) should be practiced, in particular, night and sports clubs to reach as many people as possible. Simultaneously clinic should discontinue use of the most widespread test for chlamydia, which is "scandalous" is famous because it gives too many incorrect negative results. Parliamentarians insist that it was reserved for another 30 million pounds on sexual health. People should be able to get to a doctor within 48 hours, instead of 10-12 days, as now, but the government should care about the Stang "dilapidated" clinics. The Chairman of the Committee said: "When visiting one of the hospitals where the clinical signs of diseases of sexual sphere, we saw that due to the lack of opportunities it weekly denies acceptance of 400 patients.".

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