Taiwan monkeys infected with deadly human virus

Taiwan monkeys infected with deadly human virusAbout thirty monkeys living on mount Shoshani in southern Taiwan, infected with a virus CHV-1, safe for animals, but deadly to humans. Taiwanese authorities are trying to restrict the access of tourists and locals on Shoshani. In total, on mount Shoshani home to more than 800 wild monkeys. How the virus, which is also known as "monkey versicolor", spread among animals is still unknown. The majority of tourists visiting the South of the island, come to the mountain to feed them, despite repeated warnings from the authorities. According to scientists, the virus can be transmitted to humans by the bite of a monkey. Virus CHV-1 may cause people a high fever and severe muscle pain and can lead to death of the patient, if it affected the nervous system. Death occurs in 70% of cases of infection of humans. Now the authorities want to move the monkeys away from people, to eliminate the possibility of infection. RIA "Novosti"".

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