Train their reserves and live at least years or longevity as a sport

Train their reserves and live at least  years or longevity as a sportTrain their reserves and live at least 200 years or longevity as a sport Modern man lives in an average of 60 to 80 years. It seems that only began to live, and it's time to go to eternal rest. It's a shame, but even the ancient Greeks - Pelasgians believed that, dying at the age of 70 people die in childhood, and, according to legend, lived more than 200 years. What a healthy lifestyle is good, no one disputes, but for many it is quite boring and they prefer to get sick, grow old, to die but not to strain. What if in order to get involved in this "boring" lesson to use such a wonderful incentive, as sports passion. What sports do not exist, appropriate training and please - excellent results. So let's imagine that the process of informed longevity is also a sport and compete in life expectancy. Lived to be 80 years - can congratulate ourselves with the first personal record. Years of special training is not in vain. You feel young, vigorous, full of energy and strength. And again daily simple exercises that have long been part of life and deliver an incomparable pleasure. That's 90 years of age, which is considered to be senile, but you still have a good memory, vision, hearing, young elastic skin, flexible joints, strong muscles, slim figure. And finally, the joke that it is hard to live only the first 100 years, no joke, but a reality, but unlike other centennial residents who are ready to die, You are well prepared for life. The sport is primarily a training and what to train in this case? In the aging process of the backup capabilities of all our organs and systems are melting every year. Here is the answer: I do not want to age - train reserves. To train means to regularly use, and they are used primarily when something is missing. The body may not have enough p and u and e s, and l o R o d a, I n f o R m a t and I. Their conscious, artificial restriction stimulates the use of reserve capacity i.e. their training.Let's call this process briefly: reserve training and see what exercises you can use for this purpose. Author: Valery Dorofeev.

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