Chinese will not be allowed across the border

Chinese will not be allowed across the borderWith the emergence in China of new cases of SARS on gosudarstvennoi the border of Russia strengthened sanitary supervision. The corresponding decree gave the chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko. Onishchenko has ordered additional briefing of crews of aircraft and crews, as well as check availability for research on atypical pneumonia of the PCR-diagnostics Centers of state sanitary and epidemiological supervision and anti-plague institutions. "Today we have setup our services to strengthen the supervision on the border, to prepare laboratories, which we deployed primarily on the Russian-Chinese border, is in the far Eastern, Siberian districts and at all airports where planes fly from Beijing, said Gennady Onishchenko. - Some restrictive measures until we entered. We are on the border do not need laboratory, we are on the border of need, in accordance with international requirements, thermometry. And if the detected temperature - we won't miss Chinese citizens on the territory of our country. If this will be our citizens, we will take under medical supervision". Recall that recently in China registered four new cases of SARS, one of which ended in death. Two women worked in the Virology laboratory at the Beijing Institute of Virology, where he studied the virus of atypical pneumonia, at the Centre for surveillance of infectious diseases in Beijing, and two (nurse and mother of a diseased) communicated with infected. Currently, more than 300 people quarantined in Beijing and hundreds more in Anhui province. The concern of physicians is the fact that already after infection scientist from Beijing Institute of Virology made a long trip across the country by train, which could cause wide spread infection. "Who believes that due to the large number of persons exposed to infected, there may be an emergency epidemiological situation of international importance", - stated in the information letter Gennady Onishchenko, directional on Monday, chief sanitary doctors of the subjects of the Russian Federation and the heads of the anti-plague institutions. Additional security measures are being taken now and in other countries. In Singapore arriving from China and Hong Kong to measure the temperature, and Taiwan temperature will be measured in schools. On Monday, Vietnam also announced the strengthening of sanitary and quarantine control at the border with China. RIA "Novosti"".

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