Italian neirokhimii found deep source of love

Italian neirokhimii found deep source of loveScientists do not leave attempts algebra to solve the mystery of love. This time the Italian researchers made a statement that he found her core source. They, in their opinion, is the so-called growth factor nerve (NEF), responsible for the normal development and maintenance of neurons in the nervous system. Moreover, unromantic scientists came to the conclusion that his powerful, dizzying effect does not last long. It takes place one year after the first pulse of love - presumably at the same time, when the lovers begin to notice that their feelings does not close the cap of a tube of toothpaste. In the opening two sides of the coin. It turns out that "the love element is in each of us that proves the old truth that loving feeling exposed without exception, all people. The bad news is that he acts all year. "We first showed that circulating levels of NGF increases among lovers of subjects, which indicates the important role this element plays in the chemistry of the social manifestations of people," says Enzo Emanuel from the University of Pavia in Italy. Dr. Emanuel and his research team compared the 58 men and women aged 18 to 31 years, which recently fell in love with the people in a stable partnership, and with those who have no partners. "From potential participants were required to have they experienced the true, deep, crazy love," say the researchers. Considered only people who have entered into a relationship not more than six months ago. "Lovers" had to hold not less than four hours a day thinking about their loved ones. When scientists conducted a blood test on the content of chemical elements, it was found that in both men and women in the midst of a love novel NGF level is very high - 227 units, compared with 123 units at people who are in a long-term relationship. During the research it was also found that the stronger the feeling experienced by the participants in the study (according to them), the higher the level of NGF. However, met with "love" in a year or more - despite the fact that they were in a relationship with the same partner, the researchers recorded the level of NGF at the level of stable couples and singles. Love is an unexplored area, and to explore its mechanisms, little is being done. Dr. Emanuel and his colleagues believe that they have carried out the first study of peripheral levels of neurotrophins in love. Although the role of NEF in the emergence of feelings of love are still not clear, the researchers suggest that some psychological or behavioural characteristics that are associated with love, may be associated with high levels of this substance. "Elevated levels of NGF in love can be associated with specific emotions that are usually associated with emotionally stressful early period of romantic love, such as emotional dependency and euphoria", say the researchers. In addition, they stress, "specificity increase NGF at the initial stage of a romance shows, perhaps, that this element is involved in the formation of new connections, while maintaining he, apparently, does not play a key role. However, the surge of NGF may be a necessary step on the path to long-term sense, because NEF plays an important role in the release of other chemical substances, which are fundamental for the strengthening of social ties. In the report on the results of a study published in the journal "Psychoneuroendocrinology, scientists with the Italian pathos talk about the need for further research in the field of love: "Given the complexity of feelings of romantic love and its ability to cause excitation, euphoria, anxiety and life-changing impact on our behavior, new research this unique emotional state from the point of view of neurochemistry laboratory and neuroendocrinology". Independent (Russian text

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