Crossing the legs keeps the mind clear

Crossing the legs keeps the mind clearCrossing the legs keeps the mind clear To solve the problem often falling into a swoon, people took scientists from Amsterdam. They rejected the idea of creating drugs and expensive surgical techniques and suggested that the patients simply crossing your legs. It turned out that such a simple action can often prevent or delay loss of consciousness. The method has already been successfully tested on volunteers. To participate in the study agreed 20 people who suffer frequent vasovagal fainting. As explained by scientists, in this state, the blood left in the veins of the lower extremities and does not flow to the heart, leaving, therefore, the brain is without oxygen. They suggested that crossing the legs and the muscles of the legs, abdomen and buttocks will increase venous return of blood and will solve the problem. The study, which was conducted by researchers from the University of Amsterdam under the supervision of Water Wielinga (Wouter Wieling) together with American colleagues, patients were kept in an inclined position for 20 minutes. If you faint not occurred, they were additionally introduced dilates blood vessels nitroglycerin and repeated the action precipitating factor. In this experiment participants were instructed to Flex their muscles for 30 seconds at the first signs of fainting. Five of them thus managed to prevent loss of consciousness, the rest of you can delay its onset, on average 2.5 minutes. As shown by the survey conducted one year after the experiment, 13 participants continued to struggle with fainting in this way..

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