Preoperative preparation for operations in the abdominal wall and abdominal organs

Preoperative preparation for operations in the abdominal wall and abdominal organsHow is the preparation for an operation for abdominal hernia? Special training require patients with long-existing large hernias, in which the hernia SAC is composed of the abdominal organs. The reduction of these organs in the abdominal cavity causes a pressure increase, the offset and the rise of the diaphragm, which complicates the activity of the heart and lungs. When the preoperative preparation of patients within a few days of training; laid in bed with omitted major head end and after reset internal TEI on the area of the hernia gate put cargo - wrapped towel plastic bag with sand, taught the organism to increase intra-abdominal pressure are of Great importance purgation of laxatives, enemas, and an appropriate diet, because after these interventions sometimes paresis of the intestine. How is the preparation for surgery on the stomach? Preparation is determined by the General condition of the patient (dehydration, exhaustion, anemia), the nature of the disease (ulcer, cancer, polyp), acidity of gastric juice. Before the operation the patient is transferred on a diet that creates a minimum of impurities. With reduced acidity prescribed gastric acid or hydrochloric acid with pepsin. The high acidity give oschelacivate drugs, water-salt solutions. In the case of evacuation from the stomach due to tumor, inflammatory, or Cicatricial process the significance of the lavage before bedtime weak warm solution of hydrochloric acid or soda (depending on pH) to pure water. This manipulation helps to improve appetite, reduce toxicity, improve contractility of the stomach in connection with the raising of the tone of his walls. Stenosis early in the morning on the day of surgery of the stomach probe remove the contents. How is the preparation for surgery on the biliary tract and liver? When the liver appoint a fat-free diet, vitamins, glucose and insulin. In obstructive jaundice due to deficiency of vitamin K there is a tendency to hemorrhage. Therefore, when preparing for surgery appoint menadione, calcium chloride; blood and plasma transfusions in small portions. When preparing for surgery on the gut play an important role in the liberation of the intestine from the feces, suppression of intestinal microflora in order to prevent infection, and failure of joints. A strict diet spend 3-4 days: liquid, semi-liquid, high-calorie with minimum slag food. Fasting is not necessary, because it not only affects the General condition of the patient, but also disrupts the function of the intestine. Within 2-3 days to give the inside of magnesium sulfate in the morning and in the evening put enemas, prescribe antibiotics that affect intestinal flora. Anemia, emaciation, dehydration, blood transfusions, protein drugs, and electrolyte solutions. How is the preparation for operations in the rectum and in the anus (surgery regarding hemorrhoids, anal fissures, fistulas)? Thoroughly cleanse the bowel. Early in the morning before the surgery put a cleansing enema, and after emptying injected into the ampulla of the rectum thick rubber tube for removing wash water. Carefully make toilet crotch. Sometimes in the preoperative preparation includes bath for the perineum (in water add potassium permanganate to obtain a pink color)..

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