The British demand to ban the vaccine that causes autism

The British demand to ban the vaccine that causes autismThe British demand to ban the vaccine that causes autism The British public made a call to ban vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis, which make newborn, reports BBC News. This vaccine is administered to infants older than eight weeks. There were concerns that mercury component vaccines thiomersal causes the development of autism. Representatives of the Ministry of health in the United Kingdom reported that the reason for concern and no vaccine is safe for children. In the course of recent research due to vaccination with the development of autism and brain disorders were found. However, inspection of the USA and the European Union for security purposes recommended to stop using mercury component. The Ministry of health reported that the currently used vaccine should be replaced as soon as its developed counterpart. The representative of the Ministry added that 'all vaccines are tested for safety and effectiveness'. 'In the course of the audits conducted by the Committee on safety of medicines (Committee on the Safety of Medicines) and the American Institute of medicine, there was no effect of low doses of thiomersal on child development', he told BBC News. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Tony Blair (Tony Blair) stated that the grounds for termination of use there is no vaccine. However, bill Welch, Bill Welsh, head of group Action Against Autism insists on banning. 'We want an immediate halt to the use of vaccines containing mercury, in particular children', he said in an interview with BBC News. As reported by Welch, mercury components of the vaccine may pose a threat to children's health. He suggested that thiomersal causes of mercury toxicity. 'We want every child who was diagnosed with autism, was examined on the subject of mercury intoxication. The symptoms of autism and mercury poisoning are virtually the same,' said Welch. Source:

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