From TV children swollen

From TV children swollenFrom TV children swollen American scientists have found that this miracle of technology, such as TV, nestled in front of the crib in the nursery operates on figures kids worse crisps, cakes and sweets. Spending hours dazed and half-asleep in front of the screen, the kids get fat by leaps and bounds. It is only in the paintings of Renaissance artists plump cellulite angels cause tenderness and a sense of aesthetic pleasure. And to have such plump creature as their native Chad's parents for some reason doesn't want to. But, it turns out that many kids-preschoolers have a distinct excess weight, guilty sometimes parents themselves, who from an early age taught their offspring to the various benefits of civilization. So, conducted by American scientists, the study found that among children of preschool age, in whose bedroom a place of honor is the TV, the fat guys much more than among those looking at the TV "on a General basis, i.e. in the living room along with the other members of the family. The study was conducted at Columbia University in conjunction with the new York Organization for the protection of health. In it took part 2700 families with older preschool children. Mom and dad told peepers professionals about what "television tradition exist in their family and how to join the offspring. It turned out that the presence in a child's bedroom TV has a negative impact on the figures kids to a much greater extent than the number held in front of his screen hours. This result is very puzzled scientists, and they did not find him credible explanation. Although the answer would seem to lie on the surface - just those kids, who have their own personal TV, hidden from the views of the parents at the door of the nursery, not always consider it necessary to inform adults that they decided to look at some gear. So it is unlikely that moms and dads know exactly how many hours their children spend staring at the screen. However, doctors strongly recommend parents to make a television in children's bedrooms "person of nongrata". Source:BZZ and Madlena.Ru.

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