Orange peel how to get rid of it

Orange peel how to get rid of itOrange peel: how to get rid of it As the summer winds down, in the office appear tanned colleagues, show your vacation photos... would You also showed them a photo of your wonderful holiday, but on all my photo you can see the cellulite. Surprisingly, the magazine "Health" ever wrote. Thank you Anna Burda: enlightened us. Now before heading to the beach we carefully study the "problem areas" and find out, Oh, it would be better not to even look... Cellulite is fat. The fat in our body is enclosed in a thin collagen cells. In the female body fat stored in the hips and belly, protecting reproductive organs. The skin in this area is thin and sensitive, so all of our "protective" layer shines through it, creating unpleasant to the eye the effect of orange peel. It is clear that women with a curvy shapes are more prone to cellulite than their skinny girlfriends, but... Hurry to make you happy: cellulite can affect any woman, no matter how thin and trained it was. Even men, if their body produces excess estrogen, can suffer from cellulite. It was good news. Now the bad: you can slightly reduce the visual appearance of cellulite, but you can never completely get rid of it. Let's still a little to correct the situation. Water is life. At least 2 litres per day. It washes out such filth as the toxins from your tortured life of the organism. "Pricerite" your skin. Use this procedure assumes a natural bristle brush. Five minutes a day is enough - until the skin will redden. Then take a shower. Mix your favorite shower gel with a handful of sugar to remove dead skin cells. After a week, your skin will look more fresh and elastic. Attention: do not massage the brush is damaged or inflamed skin. The massage. If you have very sensitive skin, instead of a brush, try a massage. Moreover, it does not matter whether you use anti-cellulite cream, if using, to the extent it is expensive. Because it helps not cream, and the massage itself. It "removes" the lymph. Giving up bad habits. Some doctors believe (and successfully introduce to the masses) the idea that cellulite can be overcome by complete abstinence... some products: tea, coffee, alcohol. However, it is not a proven fact. So there is absolutely no need to completely eliminate all of the above from the diet, though, because... completely get rid of cellulite is by definition impossible. Eat more.... ...fresh fruit! Pick a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. Limit salt intake to prevent swelling. It is desirable to replace the fatty foods similar, but with less fat. Salads fresh green vegetables can be eaten in unlimited quantities (note: do not add salt, butter or mayonnaise). Refuel their salads with vinegar, mixed with a small amount of broth. Parsley, dill, garlic is encouraged. Try this:. Breakfast: a Cup of granola, chopped apples or peaches, add 3 tablespoons of Apple or orange juice. You can substitute: cheers from flour, egg, a glass of orange juice. Light snack type lunch: Try to cook the soup from canned tomatoes, vegetable broth (from cubes) and fresh vegetables: carrots, onions, zucchini and peas. Little cook until soft, season with lemon juice and eat. You can take a piece of bread, spread a soft low-fat cheese. For dessert - a banana.

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