Disease drivers and womanizers

Disease drivers and womanizersDisease drivers and womanizers So with potency was all okay, try to remember its enemies in the face. One of the worst pests - a chronic prostatitis. This disease is increasingly deprives modern men joys of sex. According to various estimates, from 20 to 80 percent of men in the Prime of life" (over 20 years) suffer from prostatitis. What behaviors and lifestyle increases the chances of men getting sick? First of all, this promiscuity, which are different urogenital infections. Risk factors are considered to be a sedentary job and lack of exercise, uncontrolled use of antibiotics, alcohol, habit of wearing tight underwear. Its negative contribution of hypothermia and chronic stress (the stronger sex carries a much more painful than women). Among men there is a popular myth that prostatitis is an incurable disease. It is treated as inevitable, stoically withstand all its manifestations and in no hurry to go to specialists. As a result, doctors have to deal with quite advanced cases. Remember: if you come to the urologist in time, there is no doubt in the success of the treatment. And with the disease, which is firmly entrenched in the body, have to fight long and hard. Under the name of "prostatitis" medicine combines two similar type of illness, the essence of which is an inflammation of the prostate gland. Infectious prostatitis. Him guilty of various bacteria, viruses or fungi, which are sexually transmitted. Usually occurs in males, frequently changing sexual partners and not care about the hygiene of intimate life. The so-called congestive prostatitis, because of the stagnation of the secret of the prostate gland and the blood in the veins of the body. Its development is directly related to irregular sexual life, as well as with prolonged sedentary work, for example, drivers or anyone who spends all day at the computer. This type of prostatitis urologists sometimes referred to as "disease truckers". The disease usually wins when the immune system is weakened, due to hormonal or neuro-vegetative disorders. If the body has pockets of infection - like "harmless" tonsillitis or caries - germs therefrom can penetrate into the prostate gland and contribute to the development of inflammation. Bad habits - alcohol, Smoking, drugs hasten the victory of prostatitis. In addition, these substances slowly poison the Central nervous system, is fatty degeneration of the liver and tissues of the testicles, reduced their activity and deteriorating work. The result is significantly reduced levels of male sex hormones, and there is inflammation of the prostate gland. It is noticed that the prostatitis "likes" a certain climate. Men living in areas with high humidity and a predominance of low temperature, get sick more often. After cooling creates favorable conditions for microbes in the prostate gland, reduces immunity. Just in the medical literature describes more than one hundred symptoms, in which "samovyrazhatsja prostatitis. However, this whole "bouquet" is never found in one person. The symptoms are very vague: this is a General weakness, sleep disturbances and mood, fatigue, decreased performance, fluctuations in well-being during the day. One of its main manifestations - pain-from a constant ache to a strong force to take painkillers.Most often the pain is concentrated in the testes, less frequently in the lower back or sacrum. One third of patients complain of pain in the perineum, a quarter in the suprapubic area. Possible discomfort in the groin, penis, rectum, coccyx, around the navel or on the inner thighs. Various urination is also a symptom of prostatitis.Sometimes the only manifestation of prostatitis become a sexual disorder. It is the inconsistency in bed and erectile dysfunction bring men the most grief. Failure of hormonal balance leads to a weakening of libido, sexual contacts occur rarely, which leads to stagnation in the prostate gland. Prostatitis quite extensive, not only on symptoms but also on the amount of research necessary for diagnosis and treatment. To defeat the disease, it is necessary to check the level of sex hormones, to pass several tests that detect infection. If it turns out that someseni infections, sexually transmitted diseases, it is necessary examination of the body by several parameters. Since the development of the disease is due to some unhealthy habits, to prevent it in your power. To prevent prostate urologist, if necessary, will help you to get rid of venous congestion in the prostate gland and give advice on how to prevent it further. The clinic and procedures to effectively clear chronic foci of infection. Independently try to adhere to the following recommendations: improve the culture of sexual relations, be intimate hygiene. "Normal sex life" is a relative concept and is very individual. However, there are some guidelines 2-3 sexual intercourse per week for men from 25 to 45 years. Avoid interrupted intercourse, sexual misconduct, repeated Masturbation during the day. Your sex life must be stable and regular, and ejaculation is complete. Avoid casual sex. Monogamous intimate relationship with someone is the best way to prevent prostatitis. To prevent infections, use condoms and tools like "Miramistin" or "Sex-spray".

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