Want a boy? You will need a business woman!

Want a boy? You will need a business woman!Want a boy? You will need a business woman! Scientists from New Zealand are convinced that women employed in managerial positions, the probability of the birth of a boy is much higher. According to experts from Auckland University, the level of testosterone in the blood businesswoman slightly above normal, so the probability to give birth to light healthy boy is 80%! Dr. Valerie Grant argues that increased testosterone levels guarantee the birth of a son. 'Men have formed an opinion that it is the main link in the reproductive process. I believe that the arguments of the men a few unconvincing!' A scientist has developed a special program for moms that 'predicts' the sex of the baby. Women were asked to describe themselves using 64 keywords. On average, women have chosen three words that characterize them as dominant personalities. Women who chose at least 8 words with bright expressive color, according to the scientist, as a rule, boys are born. Early research in this area has shown that the more active sexual life of the woman, the more likely to produce a boy. Researchers from Liverpool University suggested that couples the probability of a birth of the son is directly related to: long ring finger. The longer is the more likely. (the sun.co.uk) Source: ROL.

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