In China there was a plague

In China there was a plagueIn North-West China registered an outbreak of bubonic plague, the victims of which are already at least 8 people. However, the authorities claim that the situation is already under control. According to official information sources of the pathogen deadly diseases rodents consumed by Chinese people for food. For unknown reasons, while in some regions there has been a sharp increase in their population, which led to the dissemination among them of the disease, later "exchanging" on people. However, it should be noted that now the bubonic plague is not the danger she was in the Middle ages. "We almost every year we get reports that in one way or another Asian country registered a number of fatal cases of this disease, told the press-Secretary of the world Health Organization Roy Wadia. But modern medicine are quite able to cope with it, as has the means for its prevention and treatment. So now the plague is even less dangerous than many infectious diseases, especially viral.".

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