In America are allowed to use a hormonal drug that killed seven children

In America are allowed to use a hormonal drug that killed seven childrenAmerican control of food and drug products Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow healthy children to use the growth hormone - drug Humatrope Lilly, Reuters reports. The hormone will be offered a 10-year-old boys and girls below 120 cm, expected growth, which is less than 160 and 150 cm, respectively. The decision to allow the drug was taken in June. Manufacturer medication Lilly stated that this measure is of great social importance: low growth is often a cause of ridicule by other children and adults can interfere with normal social life. According to the results of clinical trials, side effects from the use of hormonal drug Humatrope are rare and limited to pain in the joints. When this hormone increases growth of children in average by 4 centimeters, and in some cases 8-10 inches, which allows to reach the normal values for twenty years. At the same time from Pfizer, which produces a similar product called Genotropin, was a statement about the death of seven children taking this medicine. All the dead children suffered severe genetic disease Prader - Willi syndrome, which is recommended hormonal therapy. As suggested by Pfizer, indications for medication for this disease should be reconsidered, especially in the presence of such additional disorders like apnea..

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