Electrical trauma

Electrical traumaThe lesion can occur when simultaneously touching two wires of the wiring; in most cases one pole grounded, with enough touch ungrounded pole in good contact with the earth (water, wet shoes, the soles on nails, moist soil). Severity of injury is determined by the strength and direction of the current, the duration of exposure. Common symptoms when exposed to low voltage (less than 500) are more pronounced than when exposed to a high-voltage (>1000 V); local manifestations are more pronounced when exposed to high voltage current. Symptoms. The overall impact of the current is in sharp convulsive contraction of the muscles of the legs, were in contact with the current. At high voltage and amperage - loss of consciousness, respiratory arrest, arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, asystole of the heart, sometimes atrial myocardium. Cardiac activity is possible within a few days after exposure current (ECG), as well as thrombosis of vessels of the affected limb. Sometimes the victim may be thrown away from the injury site, and can result in severe damage to the bones and internal organs. Local manifestations caused by the conversion of electric energy into thermal energy with the development of burns. In place of the input and output current are formed perforated round "current label", center for them&em burn III degree, or can even be charred. These electric label surrounds the skin, torn in the form of a honeycomb (tissue fluid explodes at the moment of action current). The diagnosis is based on the examination of the scene and having labels current". Treatment is urgent. Exemption from the action of the current, when you stop breathing and heart - artificial respiration, cardiac massage. In all cases of emergency hospitalization. The treatment of burns on General principles. Complications. The myoglobinuria, during the widespread breakdown of muscle possible anuria. The weather is always very serious, especially in elderly and senile age. Prevention. Occupational safety in production, good condition appliances, observation of children in the household..

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