Natural methods

Natural methodsYou can avoid pregnancy if you abstain from sex during the period of the menstrual cycle when a woman can become pregnant. With this method there is no need to use drugs, and consequently no side effects, except for pregnancy, which in this case may occur in 10 - 15% of cases. The benefits of natural methods of contraception - absence of risk to health; the absence of side effects; - low cost; - involvement of men in family planning; - can be used for planning pregnancy; - possible more close marital relationship. The difficulties that will be faced - low contraceptive efficacy (9-25 pregnancies per 100 women during the 1st year of use) - contraceptive efficacy depends on the motivation and willingness of the couple to follow the instructions - the necessity of abstinence during the fertile phase, in order to avoid conception - you must maintain daily records - vaginal infections may complicate the interpretation of changes in cervical mucus - you must have a thermometer for some methods - does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS. Who should not use natural family planning methods women whose age, the number of births or health make pregnancy dangerous women with unsteady menstrual cycle (breastfeeding immediately after an abortion) women with irregular menstrual cycle women whose partner is not willing to refrain about sexual intercourse on certain days of the cycle. Varieties of natural family planning methods - calendar (rhythm) method is the least effective method basal body temperature - cervical mucus method - symptothermal method (a combination of the two above methods is the most effective..

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