Poison the Blowfish can alleviate the suffering of cancer patients

Poison the Blowfish can alleviate the suffering of cancer patientsThe toxin of Blowfish is more poisonous than cyanide. Scientists are trying to find out whether you can use it as a painkiller for hopeless cancer patients. He 3,200 times stronger than morphine, is not addictive and does not interact with other drugs. And from one fish you can get about 600 doses of the drug. The Blowfish - poisonous species of tropical fish that can inflate its body to the spherical form. Usually a simple scratch on the skin, left habraham, carries a negligible amount of neurotoxin, but it's enough to paralyze a person for a few minutes. A small canadian company wants to use the chemical formula of the poison obtained from this toxin, in order to help cancer patients to suppress the pain. International Wex Technologies in Vancouver has been engaged in studying the chemical composition of the toxin. They are created on the basis of tetrodotoxin (poison the Blowfish) a drug that has shown positive results as analgesic. He still undergoes a series of extensive tests. The Blowfish is known as the basis for preparation of the deadly Japanese delicacy fugu dishes that can be prepared only by specially trained and licensed chefs. Slip the blade of a knife, which accidentally releases the toxins from the fish liver, kidneys or ovaries, can poison all the fish and the dish. In addition, you need a certain time of cooking fish on the fire where the error in a few seconds also poisons the dish. If the fish is cooked incorrectly, then ate her people will soon feel the dizziness and tingling in the mouth. Then the person loses control over the muscles of the body, falls to the ground and gasps, as light also stop working. This is followed by a quick death. But the drug obtained from tetrodotoxin, has already undergone two stages of clinical trials, and Dr. analyzing its effect on hopeless cancer patients, noted that the drug was ideally take the pain even when no other remedy against pain was not working. The drug acts as an inhibitor of nerve signals coming from the hotbed of pain in the brain. The company says that this drug is different from other pain relievers, because it does not have the side effects as morphine and its derivatives, does not interact with other drugs and does not cause addiction. He 3,200 times more powerful than morphine. Each puffer fish can provide approximately 600 doses of the drug, so no shortage of toxin to patients will not. The population of these fish are very large, as in the human diet it is very rare. SciTecLibrary.ru.

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