Cow's milk is harmful to children up to year

Cow's milk is harmful to children up to  yearFrom the point of view of providing a balanced diet, it is desirable to defer the inclusion in a diet of whole milk to the time when the child turns one year. Regular consumption of cow's milk predisposes the child to dehydration and allergies to milk protein. It is established that the early inclusion in a diet of whole cow's milk can lead to iron deficiency anemia. In addition, increases the risk of developing diabetes of the first type (the most severe form of diabetes). In this regard, it is not recommended to include in the diet of children from families of patients with insulin-dependent diabetes products containing native (non-adapted) protein of cow's milk. Thus, up to 1 year of optimal food - exclusively breast milk. The authors believe that if the mother's milk is unavailable, it is necessary to concentrate mixtures for artificial feeding iron-fortified. Megafarm.

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