In the brain found "early warning system""

 In the brain found The brain stores subconscious information about the circumstances of a dangerous situation or painful sensations, even if the man himself forgot about them. Believed to London the scientists investigating this "early warning system", if you understand its mechanism and to learn how to block, it is possible to cope with chronic pain suffered by many. Scientists from University College London described their experiment. Fourteen patients within half an hour showed a series of abstract images, followed by a small electrical discharge. After they could not remember the sequence of images, but their brain was monitored. Analyzing brain activity using functional magnetic resonance imaging, scientists have identified two sites, one among the basal nuclei of the ventral striatum, the other in one of the zones of a bark of the big hemispheres. According to scientists, the activity of these key centers during experiment provided a warning about the danger. "If we showed the square, after which there was a circle, followed by a painful discharge, the brain would quickly learned that the circle - bad news," explained Dr. Ben Seymour (Ben Seymour, head of the research group. However, after some time, he would have realized that the square is also bad news, because it is followed by a circle. The scientist noted that the ability to record a chain of events that lead to the undesirable result that finds wide application in everyday life. "Imagine that you were bitten by a neighbour's dog," he said. Soon you will learn not only to avoid the dog, but also those places where it often appears". The authors believe that breaking this chain, it is possible to cope with long-term chronic pain, from which, according to statistics, suffers in different periods of life up to 10 percent of the UK population. (material Nature).

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