Japanese scientists have made a breakthrough in the creation of artificial blood

Japanese scientists have made a breakthrough in the creation of artificial bloodJapanese scientists were able to develop a new formula for artificial blood, which will eliminate the danger of viruses and is compatible with any group at its transfusion. This is an important discovery was made by a group of researchers from three major Japanese universities. The authors develop a synthetic blood were specialists from the University Waseda, Keio, and Kumamoto. As reported on Tuesday, January 27, specialists in one of the laboratories in Waseda, a new type of artificial blood can be produced on a large scale and stored for a relatively long time. Scientists from Japan have conducted experiments on animals and expect that the practical application of their development will begin in two years. To synthetic blood has already expressed interest in the number of well-known pharmaceutical companies. Earlier attempts to create artificial blood have been taken by Americans, who used the hemoglobin. However, according to Japanese print, it caused such side effects as high blood pressure, and use of blood for transfusion man was not permitted. Japanese doctors have used albumin is contained in the blood serum protein that maintains blood volume. Scientists got the connection, the particles of which are smaller than red blood cells. Therefore, they can provide oxygen to the human bodies, even in cases when the blood vessels clots occur that will become indispensable in the treatment of strokes. RIA "Novosti"".

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