People became infected with a dangerous disease, taking a shower

People became infected with a dangerous disease, taking a showerPeople became infected with a dangerous disease, taking a shower In the United States, hundreds of people were infected by an unknown disease. This disease is often confused with pneumonia or bronchitis, assigning the wrong treatment, while the patient's condition deteriorates. The causative agent, which is called non-tuberculous mycobacteria, destroys lung tissue. Doctors don't know exactly how infection occurs, however, the version put forward by scientists, sound intimidating: the pathogen can penetrate into the lungs of water when you take a shower. According to scientists, is still non-tuberculous mycobacteria were only in water and soil. And here lately pathogens began to penetrate into the lungs of people, affecting mainly skinny white women. Among researchers there is no exact data about the number of cases, as patients often put misdiagnosis v bronchitis or pneumonia. For the first time Sarah leyman felt the symptoms of a mysterious disease 6 years ago. "I coughed, not stopping," she says, " and felt completely broken. I was treated for pneumonia, and the condition was getting worse". The bacterium was destroying her lungs. Handfuls of pills, which she swallowed every day, did not give results. "I couldn't breathe, I felt that I need to clear your lungs," she says. The attack is still unknown disease doctors called slow the epidemic. Doctors say that some fashionable accessories in modern bathrooms create favorable conditions for the spread of infection. The Zelda Rosenthal lucky. She put the correct diagnosis and cured. "Of course, I still take a shower, but now try to do it as quickly as possible," she says. Sarah leyman same fear of re-infection, refused this pleasure forever. Источник and Madlena.Ru.

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