IncontinenceBedwetting (enuresis) in a child older than 3 years is usually a neurotic reaction to emotionally traumatic circumstances: the random observation of people's death in a car accident, the birth of the second child in the family that first experienced as a threat to their social status; start attending school or kindergarten, conflict with parents, etc., Also, the cause of enuresis can be a disease of the bladder, urinary tract or kidneys. Daytime incontinence in combination with the General untidiness must be a symptom of a mental illness. The cause of enuresis can be a congenital defect of the muscular apparatus of the bladder. Help: cannot scold our child and severely punished for what he did not Wake up to go to the toilet. Also, no need to Wake him in the night and offer to sit on the potty. All this will only lead to fixation of the child to his painful condition, but will not help to get rid of it. It is better to calmly talk to him, without ridicule and irony, to explain what happens with many children. It is important to convince the child that he is quite able to cope with his lack. In the evening, try to have the child consumed less fluid. Before going to sleep can you give him a teaspoon of honey. Nervous, excitable children shall drink soothing collection (sold at pharmacies), containing 1 part of rhizomes with roots of Valerian, 2 parts peppermint leaves, 2 parts trefoil water and 1 part of hop cones. Two table spoon collection pour one Cup of hot boiled water, then boil in an enamel pot for 15 min, cooled and filtered. Give to drink one or two tablespoon 1-2 times daily after meals. In folk medicine use such recipes against bedwetting: - take 2-3 times a day 1/3 Cup of infusion of the herb yarrow (for cooking one tea spoon grass poured a glass of boiling water, insist 1 hour, filtered through cheesecloth and drink); - brewed tea instead of dry grass Hypericum perforatum and drink without restrictions; 3) take 3-4 times a day 20 minutes before meals infusion of plantain leaves (one tablespoon of dry leaves pour one Cup of boiling water, infuse 1 hour, filter and drink). With persistent enuresis child should consult neurologist; it should be examined to exclude the diagnosis of urinary tract infection..

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