Fatty foods delivers brain fun

Fatty foods delivers brain funHit in the mouth fatty foods activates brain pleasure centers. It is found, scientists trying to explain why is it so difficult to give up some products. Many researchers have studied the effects on the brain of different tastes and smells, but few have studied the reaction of the brain to the different texture of the products, such as fat cream or hardness of nuts. Ivan de Araujo and Edmund Rolls from Oxford University, has put 12 hungry people inside the unit functional magnetic resonance imaging and fed them through a straw, different kinds of food. They observed the reaction of the subjects on the absorption tasteless solution of cellulose, which had the consistency of water, corn oil, liquid syrup, and a breath of weak vegetable oil. More dense solutions activated region of the brain, which partially activates the taste of the food. This gives reason to believe that the brain determines the contents of the mouth not only in taste but also in texture. In addition, fatty mixture intensified cingulate cortex - the region of the cerebral cortex that is activated and other pleasant sensations (e.g., inhalation smell good or winning money). However, it remains unclear as to how the mouth can discern the texture of the product. Rolls believes that people have found ways to notice the texture of foods rich in energy, such as fat, to give them preference in cases when food becomes scarce. By the way, much to the surprise of scientists has found that there is no such consistency of products that people are "programmed" to avoid. AskDoctor.Ru.

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