Experts want you to stop panic about bird flu

Experts want you to stop panic about bird fluAvian influenza to date do not pose a serious threat to humans, so people should not panic about this, consider the Hong Kong experts. Speaking on Tuesday to members of the American chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong, Hong Kong experts noted that premature hysteria around this issue can lead to sad results, both for the economy and for the psychological state of society. "Actually, all the latest information on avian influenza is primarily bad news for birds, not people. Avian influenza, as the name implies, it's a bird disease," stated the expert in mass communications University of Hong Kong Thomas Abraham. The first strain of the H5N1 bird flu virus that claimed over the last two years in Southeast Asia the lives of nearly 70 people, appeared right in Hong Kong in 1997. On this basis, local experts consider to be the most experienced in the fight against the virus. Hong Kong expert cited polling data, according to which 33% of Hong Kong residents and 44% of Chinese people in General try almost not to consume chicken meat. Such care leads only to the destruction of farms, and to protect the health it has nothing, he says. "Today there is no evidence to indicate that the disease can be transmitted through food," he announced Abraham. Actually, at the current level of evolution of the virus people don't need to worry about this. Today bird flu almost not dangerous to humans, except for those of us who are directly involved in the breeding of chickens, and there are among us a bit, says a Hong Kong expert. "Say, statistically each of us is much more likely to die from heart attack than by a shark, but the news that in the waters around Hong Kong appeared sharks, will cause a lot more attention than the increase of the level of cardiovascular disease. The same mechanism applies to bird flu," says the observations Abraham. According to him, today, avian influenza must be the work of scientists and health authorities, which is indeed very important to detect infection at an early stage and, if possible, to prevent transmission of the virus from person to person. "Avian influenza is potentially less contagious than tuberculosis or atypical pneumonia," she known Hong Kong expert in infectious diseases, bestselling author of "Bird flu: time to panic?" and "Anatomy of SARS (SARS)" Sarah Borwein. In her opinion, there are several myths about avian influenza, which you must fight. "It should be noted that this is not a new disease, H5N1 appeared in the second half of the 90-ies of the last century and for almost ten years and could not pass the mutation, which would allow him to spread from person to person," she said. "Even the "Spanish flu", which is considered to be the worst epidemic ever to hit mankind, the mortality rate was only 2.5% of those infected," she said. Flu "Spanish flu" caused the 1918-1919 pandemic, which claimed the lives of tens of millions of people. "Now we have, - the expert believes that there is a unique opportunity to prepare for the beginning of the epidemic: the possibility of the mankind has never been in history, but this does not mean that society should panic". RIA "Novosti"".

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