EmeraldEmerald *29r*Emerald is a rich green, transparent variety of beryl, which is rare and very much appreciated. The most beautiful and expensive emeralds are mined in Colombia. The emerald talisman mothers and navigators. Pregnant women wore emerald amulets that after the birth of the child was immediately hung in his crib. He gives joy and gladness, peace, harmony and hope, victory in battle, tact and generosity, talent and grace, eloquence, without a trace of hypocrisy and self-esteem, insight. He even gives the ability of foresight. Mages used emerald as the stone of truth, it had been dipped in a container of water where they wanted to see the future, or put on the table for divination and prophecy. Emerald stores love, he becomes brighter when love burns in my heart, and breaks in violation of the vow of fidelity in love. It strengthens the memory and keeps addictions. He was hung at the head of the bed to chase away bad dreams and to dispel the melancholy. Emerald cures heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, nervous system, increases efficiency. In diseases of the eye, vision problems and if you are very tired eyes for 15 minutes to put on the eyelids two stones. Can be used for eye compresses with emerald water and drinking water, infused with emerald. Pliny the Elder wrote about the emerald "Of all the other gems that only feeds the eye without satiety. Even when the eyes are tired of careful consideration of other items, they're being drawn to this stone." Nero, according to legend, was looking at the Gladiator battles through emerald lens. However, the emerald helps only pure, spiritually perfect man. The false and the evil it brings misfortune. Eliphas Levi adds another condition: that the emerald is quite themselves, the location of the moon in the horoscope of the one who wears it must be favorable. The action of the emerald achieves its greatest power during the full moon. In order to strengthen the impact of this stone, it briefly dipped in red wine. Mostly ancient healers believed that green crystal provides protection for skin: if them slowly to face and body, the skin becomes healthy, not exposed to infection, but it should be done standing on a brightly lit place, not under direct sunlight. Chakra emerald is considered the heart chakra. Emerald should not give on the occasion, i.e. birthday, anniversary, etc., It is a gift for service, love or recovery. If present, the emerald as a token of appreciation, he will become a good memory and tender friendship..

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