Detroit started the epidemic of syphilis

Detroit started the epidemic of syphilisDetroit started the epidemic of syphilis The American city of Detroit struck the biggest outbreak of syphilis. The Ministry of health of the United States stated that the cause of the epidemic in Detroit was the poor performance of the civil servants in the fight against the disease since 1990-ies. About it on Thursday, writes USA Today. Only from 30 July 2002 to the present day in Detroit marked 245 new cases of syphilis. According to Loretta Davis-Satter, Director of the Department of the Ministry of health of the United States, responsible for combating the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, by the end of the year this figure will increase to 500. In addition, citing figures from the Centers for control and prevention in Atlanta, the Director noted that by the end of the year percentage of patients with syphilis in Detroit will be the highest in the country. The population of Detroit is 1 million people. Help Syphilis is a chronic infectious disease caused by a pale Treponema transmitted predominantly through sexual intercourse and from mother to fetus. Without treatment, syphilis characteristic for a long period with periodic remissions and exacerbations, which are accompanied by the formation of specific inflammatory lesions in all organs and tissues. First, it is a venereal disease appears as small sores, usually on the genitals, and then on the body rash. If the patient time to ask for help, then, with penicillin health can improve with virtually no damage. However, if time does not begin to fight against syphilis, infected threaten serious diseases of the brain, heart, and other vital internal organs, as well as blindness. The authorities have already responded to the sharp increase in the number of patients sifilis: at the end of last week, one employee of the Department of health, USA was dismissed and the other was allegedly left on their own. According to Davis Sattel, personnel changes were undertaken with the goal of "full improvement of methods of combating disease.".

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