Oncologists write a letter to the leadership of the country

Oncologists write a letter to the leadership of the countryThe participants of the VI all-Russian Congress of oncologists, which takes place in Rostov-on-don, 9-14 October, intend to make an appeal to the leadership of the country, said the Director of the Rostov research Institute of Oncology Yuri Sidorenko at a press conference in Rostov-on-don on Wednesday. In circulation will be affected by the reform of the health system, training, logistics facilities in the field of Oncology. "The treatment was developed, now we need to discuss it - or so they all agreed, or made some amendments. When they are done, it will be announced and released," said Y. Sidorenko. Meanwhile, according to another participant of the press conference, the chief oncologist of Russia, Director of the Moscow research oncological Institute (of Moscow). Herzen Valery Chissov, one of the most serious problems of the Russian Oncology - the problem of early diagnosis. "More than 50% of tumor localizations process can be identified practically naked eye. Order of the Ministry of health of the USSR, which is not canceled when any incoming patient to any doctor should be inspected, not running," said Century Chiss. In his opinion, all the General practitioners should be "cancer alert". He said that according to the data of Moscow them. Herzen, in 2004 in Russia revealed more than 468 thousand cases of malignant tumors. The prevalence of malignant neoplasms among the population of Russia last year amounted to 1 thousand 617,1 cases per 100 thousand population, which is higher than in 1994 by 31.3%. "Oncology is a discipline, which today presents a very powerfully in Russia. And today, oncologists can confidently say, Yes, we can cure cancer. Provided early recognition almost all types of tumors treatable. The problem is the early diagnosis and prevention of malignant tumors, which requires serious measures at the state level," said participating in the press conference, academician of RAS and RAMS, Professor, General Director of the Russian cancer research center. Blokhin Mikhail Davydov. In turn, Deputy Governor of the Rostov region Alexander bedrick reported that in the region now have the opportunity to provide expert help for cancer patients provided timely detection of the disease. "All the experts say the importance of primary health care. In the field we aim to promptly identify patients with cancer. Today cancer Institute plays the role of the regional Oncology center, that is engaged in the clinical examination, the identification of timely, methodical training," said A. bedrick. The news Agency "Interfax-South"".

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